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Iron Thunder is exciting, intelligent and imaginative -- plus, it actually has something to say. What more could you ask for in a Sci-fi tale?

Classic questions about the relationship between man and his machines are imaginatively explored in IRON THUNDER. Its combination of Richard (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) Hatch's best performance to date, an imaginative concept and an often exciting story, make this a rare indie winner.

It's no wonder Woelfel considers this to be his best film, it's polished and clean, and still retains all his personal philosophies. The ability to weave one's world view into their art is what sets a true filmmaker apart from an everyday director.

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production notes

I’d proved by making a low low budget film on a short schedule (PUBLIC ENEMY) that I could make a much better film with more time and more money. This should not be the exception to the rule but it is.

This was the first fiction film since my first, BEYOND DREAM’S DOOR, that I had a greater part in developing from the ground up as a script. The script was written as we scouted locations and this helped inspire the writing and make the material easier to film when we got to that point. I still consider it to be one of my best-scripted films. We shot on 16mm film though the miniatures would have looked better in 35mm.

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Iron Thunder

US Army Colonel Nelson (Richard Hatch) volunteers to test the military's most advanced combat tank, IRON THUNDER. Nelson is able to control the powerful machine with his thoughts and instincts through its advanced surgical interface. But when an electrical surge scrambles both the interface and Nelson's mind he unknowingly guides the metal behemoth toward the city of Los Angeles, determined to destroy an enemy that doesn't exist.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Jay Woelfel
Cast: Richard Hatch, Susannah Devereux, Don Hughes, Dyrk Ashton, Christopher Cho
Hunter Cressall, Elaine Dickstein, Christopher Farrell, Lisa Fugate, Jere Jon
Produced by:  David S. Sterling, Johnnie J. Young  |  Music:  Christopher Farrell
Cinematography:  Scott Spears | Film Editing:  Jay Woelfel  |  Production Design:  Hunter Cressall
Sound Department:  Dyrk Ashton, Eric Chase, Dennis Peterson
Camera Dept: Ellen Curry, Paul Deng

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