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*Note: These reviews are specific to LIVE EVIL in its 2009 originally released version, although they have been used to promote the re-edited ©2021 version retitled SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER.

LIVE EVIL is a whole lot of jaw-droppin', popcorn-munchin' fun to watch.

Fango can attest that it contains plenty of blood, skin, grisly makeup FX and violent action.
(Michael Gingold, Fangoria)

It's definitely a cut - excuse the pun - above the usual splatter flicks.
(Steve Persall, St. Petersburg Times)

...its unique blend of references, innnovations and offbeat sense of humour will charm the pants off of the true horror fans out there.
(Matt Compton, Nefarious Films)

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production notes

*Note: These notes are specific to LIVE EVIL in its 2009 originally released version. These are not related to the re-edited ©2021 version retitled SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER.

I first heard of this film through GHOST LAKE’S makeup effects person, Marcus Koch. Some friends of his had moved to LA to make a vampire film. As a favor to Marcus, I met with Mark Terry and the director he had at that time. We talked and I recommended one of my long time friends and DP’s Scott Spears. That was the last I thought I’d hear of LIVE EVIL until the premiere. I was very wrong.

Scott did shoot for 2 days on the film which at that point I guess was already out of money. They shot the opening scene of the movie and edited it together. Then the original team all fell out of love with each other...

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Live Evil

In LIVE EVIL - aka SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER ©2021, vampires are having trouble surviving in a world whose life giving blood supply has become polluted by drugs and STDs. As they fight amongst themselves for the remaining humans with pure blood they unknowingly face a far greater danger in the form of a vampire killing priest (Tim Thomerson). Can they trust an infamous "blood pusher" (Ken Foree)? Life is hell for these semi-humans in the twisted, violent, bloody, dangerous and darkly absurd world they hope to survive.

On Set Pics

Note: Images represent scenes and shoots from original release of LIVE EVIL as well as SAMURAI PRIEST VAMPIRE HUNTER ©2021.

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Adapted & Directed by: Jay Woelfel
Original Story by: Vito Trabucco, Lance Polland, Lenny Lenox. Characters by: Mark Terry
Cast: Tim Thomerson, Mark Hengst, Osa Wallander, Ken Foree, Gregory Lee Kenyon
Eva Derrek, Tiffany Shepis, Lee Perkins, Mark Terry, Mike Nyman, Kimberly Sanders
Produced by:  Elizabeth Busch, Ken Foree, Robert Sotto, Mark Terry, Beau Unger
Music:  Austin Wintory  |  Cinematography:  Kelly Richard, Scott Spears     
Film Editing:  Jonathan Ammon  |  Art Direction: Jasi Cotton Lanier | Makeup Dept: Amber Barrios
Second Unit Director:  Gianni Biasetti Sr.  |  Sound Dept:  James Barth, G.W. Pope III, Travis Stoffs

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