asylum of darkness
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A super cool, kind of retro supernatural horror film. Asylum of Darkness brings me back to staying up late watching horror films with my dad, when we both knew I was too young. It’s the kind of film that makes you want to grab a camera and make a horror film yourself because you know it was such a labour of love for Jay Woelfel. (FOUNDER, OTHER WORLDS AUSTIN)

This is what a David Lynch film would look like if it was directed by David Cronenberg.

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production notes

When I made my first feature film I wanted to make something different than the run-of-the- mill SLASHER FILMS that were then dominating the Horror Genre. I wanted a film that was still fun in the way horror films can be. Fun meaning: scary, imaginative, with monsters and larger than life issues and bloodshed. But also something with some brains and character drama to it...

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asylum of darkness

Seeking freedom in the outside world, a mental patient escapes the asylum that has held him prisoner for so long. At first his new life seems one of great promise. But soon he discovers that his freedom comes at a terrible price and there exists a horrifying insanity beyond any hidden behind walls.

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Jay Woelfel
Cast: Nick Baldasare, Amanda Howell, Richard Hatch, Tim Thomerson, Tiffany Shepis
Frank Jones Jr., Lonell R. Childred, John Hawk, Tanya Hutchins, Cash Kimmerle, Joe Lusher
Produced by:  Lawreen Yakkel  |  Cinematography:  Scott Spears     
Production Design:  Christopher G. Clapp | Makeup Department: Pete Gerner, Brian Spears
Assistant Director:  Derek Rimelspach  |  Sound Department:  K. Joshua Fernberg
Seann Flynn, Ryan McCabe | Special Effects: Chad Ball, Pete Gerner, Brian Spears

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