RUN to your nearest Philips' dealer and check out this extraordinary disc. What they have done is create a multimedia disc that just about everyone finds captivating, no matter what their previous level of interest in things interactive.

A multilayered exploration of the Titanic and its ill-fated maiden voyage, this disc offers more than 2,500 original photographs --many never seen before—plus drawings, paintings, excerpts from memoirs, vintage video clips and recent interviews with survivors, all tied together with authoritative narration by Patrick Stewart...

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The best funded, best reviewed, and longest feature I’ve worked on. It was in production for well over a year and I learned that when the facts are on your side you can defend material you want in your film all that much more powerfully, even when working for a large corporation as we were in this case, electronics giant Phillips...

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The entire story of the Titanic—from its conception in the shipbuilder’s offices to its rediscovery on the ocean floor—becomes an unprecedented true-life interactive adventure.

Patrick Stewart narrates this comprehensive award winning presentation, the largest single source of Titanic images ever assembled. Featuring newly shot, exclusive interviews with survivors and “A Night to Remember” author Walter Lord, the story of the Titanic is recreated day-by-day and minute-by-minute.

Take an intimate tour of the ship in its glory days, compare detailed deck plans, then tour the murky remains under the seas. Though a unique database of the crew, the passengers and their fates, you can focus on individuals and follow their harrowing stories—on board the Titanic!

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