Unseen Evil
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This is terrific low-budget monster mayhem with shocks gross-outs and humor. Hatch and Thomerson are great in their respective roles and the twist ending is good for a sick chuckle. Thirty years ago Unseen Evil would have played drive-in double features all summer long. Give it a look.

Director Jay Woelfel has combined a cast and crew that have taken great care in making sure this film is entertaining, great effects, music, and full of surprises. The filming is beautiful with the scenery set deep in the woods, even the cave sequences are filmed wonderfully. They have that dark, eerie presence to them, which you would expect from an ancient hidden cave. Great CGI work, especially for a low budget movie, the appearance of the “creature” was very impressive. ..

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Los Angeles is a terrible place to shoot a “lost in the woods” film and I had to beg to get the production to the real forest in the surrounding San Giorgino Mountains. It was worth it and great to have everybody together in one place for a good portion of the shoot. We really were a group of people stuck in the woods and the focus and camaraderie was greatly improved because of it, as I knew it would be...

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Unseen Evil

A group of young and idealistic archeology students journey to an ancient cave rumored to be filled with secrets of the past. But nothing in the classroom could prepare them for what they would come to face as greed, betrayal and an unseen force threaten their sanity and lives. Who will survive the Unseen Evil?

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Directed by: Jay Woelfel  |  Written by: Scott Spears
Cast: Richard Hatch, Tim Thomerson, Cindi Braun, Frank Ruotolo, Jere Jon, Cindy Pena
Robbie Rist, Benjamin Cline, Herve Estrada, Vincent Whipple, Daryl Berg, Mark Craig
Produced by: Kenneth Kallberg, David S. Sterling,  Johnnie J. Young  |  Cinematography:  Scott Spears     
Film Editing:  Eric Chase  |  Production Design:  Anne Cartegnie  |  Assistant Director:  Cara McCastlain
Art Department:  Marischa Slusarski | Sound Department:  Joe Arquilla, Charles D. Ballard
Dennis Peterson, Mike Todd | Special Effects: Greg Feiler, Jason Hite, Kenneth Thomson Jr.
Visual Effects: Mike McAdams | Camera Dept: Paul Deng, Stan Eng

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